how much does it cost to start a organic garden business?

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June 2, 2011

jerry g @ 5:40 am #

To begin with there is no such thing. I know that this will discount me to begin with. Organic is such a wide range of things.
Do Compost Piles, dedicated by State Law, be Organic?
Do Compost Piles, dedicated by City (Phila) be Organic?
Organic is not a pile, a composition, it is a reality only found in nature.
If you wish to start an “Organic Garden” be advised that the supplies and seeds you wish to receive are neither organic or natural. The milk you drink, the half/half you use in the coffee you drink every morning is not Organic..
We should use our efforts to reduce fertilization and pollutions versus making us all clear of chemicals. The fruits, the meats, the plants we eat are all possible by non-organic compounds.
Start your garden store and find that the Lady-Bugs, and the BT do not stop either pest infestation. It is not should we use it, it is when should we use a chemical over organic. Your BT worked really well over the Gypsy Moth and Elm Disease did it not?

Morganna @ 5:42 am #

Well, a garden or plant nursery in general, like many other businesses are not cheap to begin and keep running. Organic is one thing, which will be extremely difficult in this industry, unless you’re willing to put out the money to hire much extra help. Firstly, you need to figure out how much renting or buying storefront property would be, in some cases you can run a business from your home, but that becomes difficult if you’re in retail. Wholesale is totally different. Needless to say, unless you’re a landscaper/installer nurseries are not a business to go into if you want to make big bucks. Work out how much you’d spend on space, don’t forget your bills such as water, electric, etc. Depending on if you’re growing for wholesale or retail you will need licenses, most will cost you a bit of money every year. If you rent/buy storefront for your business, most likely you’ll need a bond if you want to pay any wholesalers/liner companies with checks. Trust me when I say this, bonds are horribly expensive. Most liner companies are fairly inexpensive per plant to buy from, but most have an huge minimum order, sometimes 1,000 limers or more. If you’re planning on growing, you’ll need a lot of space and a lot of water, possibly a watering system. Retail-wise, buying from wholesalers is getting more and more expensive. Even here in Florida prices have doubled. It’s rediculous. Anyhoo, our family has worked in and owned our retail nursery for about 18 years. It’s a job you need to love as more then just a hobby, it’s a constant life affecting ongoing project. Right now we (we being my mother an I) work 7 days a week 9-5 to the public, but are at work more like 80 hours a week. We love having the nursery, but it’s very time, money and care consuming. We totally encourage more smaller nurseries to open, it’s a rare thing now-a-days! Oh, and don’t forget having to compete with box stores like Lowes, Home Depot, etc. Good luck if you actually plan on opening a store. Get together with a CPA if you can to work out actual numbers. Hope this helps! Sorry if I rambled too much. = )

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